December 2012

telling that nobody will read this! undoubtedly:)

14. december 2012 at 16:06 | Fly-zebra |  Some writing
hello, everyvody.. or should I say " hello you, a single pilgrim who unfortunately got lost, then traveled across strange blogs and then realized that you're on a blog of some weird flying stripped horse, who didn't write any articles since summer." ? I don't know. anyway, it doesn't matter. nobody will realize that me, Fly-zebra who's trying to write an article in English, wrote once in time a little irrelenvant text about something.. no, it really doesn't matter:) in some alternative way this abandoned webside makes me smile:) in fact it's the truth that nobody reads it. it makes me happy in some way:) if nobody comes here to check out what's up with me, nobody will know what I'm writing here. :D fun would be, if someone came and read what i just wrote:D that's the irony. maybe noone will come here or maybe half of the planet will. of course it would make my day if half planet came because of interestingness of things i write here:D you know. for a while, I would be happy:D and then would have to get a life and do my bussines again:D

Well, well. Time's left, i have to finnish this article.

See ya after another 4 months, guys. :D Báj báj. Fly-zebra